Photo Booth at your wedding – 3 Reasons

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PHOTO BOOTHS and WEDDINGS – I will give you three good reasons.

A photo booth may well be the perfect wedding guest.150807_224129-3

1. A great occupier of time.

While you are away with your wedding party getting the wedding photos done, instead of waiting patiently (and maybe drinking to much wine) your guest can be having their own wedding photos done. This also helps set a fun and relaxed tone for the rest of the wedding.

2. The perfect wedding gift.

No more worrying about finding the perfect wedding favor to satisfy everyone. With a photo booth your guests create their own wedding favors. Guests will appreciate having a photo of themselves with their friends, their kids, or their date and a wonderful reminder of the fantastic time they had at your wedding.

3. A brilliant ice breaker.

With a photo booth at your wedding gone are the days of the Grooms and Brides guest on either side of the room. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and have some fun. A Photo booth brings a certain amount of frivolity to your wedding, getting people of all ages interacting and for those guest that are a little shy, they can let loose behind the curtain.

P.S: The photo booth is not just for your guests……dive on in and enjoy the first moments as a happily married couple.

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