How many people can fit in a Photo Booth?

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150808_215821-2We have done it in phone booths, in Minis and in China they do it in trains everyday.

The art of cramming as many people as possible into something has fascinated us for centuries. From the smallest of things to the weird and wonderful there is no limited to what people will try to squeeze themselves and others into, like a bubble for example (which according to the Guinness World Record is 214 people).

In London in 2012 a group of contortionists squeezed their way into record books by setting a new record for the most people crammed in a photo booth. Seven flexible females pack themselves into the tiny booth and set a new benchmark. In a purikura booth (popular Japanese sticker booths) the record is 27. Now we understand that not all photo booths are created equal, both in size and in structure, so the number of people can vary from booth to booth, But the team here at Cheeky Fox want to set a record of our own…….

How many people can we fit in one photo booth photo?

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