Hottest day in Wanaka History

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One of the most common things to run through a brides mind is the weather, Please weather gods don’t let it rain, Or if it does rain please clear for my wedding ceremony, Brides start watching the weather forecast a month before there day clutching at straws praying to the weather gods, never would anyone have thought Jan 27 2018 was going to be the hottest day on Wanaka records.

When Wanaka Photo Booth arrived at 9.00pm to entertain make laughter and snap some photos we arrived to the hole party out side enjoying the cool breeze under the stars, this isn’t normally the case usually we are in with the crowds to the side of the dance floor, I like it that way it means I get to boogy while working. But tonight we had a lot of space I thought to self how is this going to go? Am I going to have to pluck people from under the starts to come and play in Wanaka Photo Booth ? Hell no, As soon as the word spread that Wanaka Photo Booth was open for action it was all go, The topic of the night was how hot everyone was during the day. Go figure!! So matter what the conditions are on the day we can still bring a lot of magic to your Wanaka wedding

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Wanaka Photo Booth Wanaka photo booth Wanaka Photo booth hire

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