What a lovely laid back couple from Melbourne Australia, Eve booked Cheeky Fox Photo Booth a year prior to her big day. bish, bash, boom two hours with extra photo strips and a photo album job done. Tonight there was a chill in the air with fresh snow on the mountains I think the Aussies […]

Wanaka Photo Booth

Owning Wanaka Photo Booth means I get to see all the fun things Wanaka weddings have to offer, tonight I arrived to the first dance and it was a beauty, the girls had been practicing for weeks and I tell ya what it paid off they nailed it, slow dancing  followed by some smooth hip […]

Ceremony Entertainment

They actually go off! I’m talking about  ceremony entertainment yes cranking up the photo booth straight after tying the knot. There’s a buzz in the air every ones happy and looking glam, Some people think you need booze in the system to enjoy the booth, That’s not so they are fun at any time of […]

Alexandra Otago Photo Booth

Wanaka Photo Booth entertains in Alexandra Otago and it goes off, What a fun night, we started Wanaka Photo Booth at 8.pm the kids started the mayhem by putting the props on and going into the reception area and running a muck, it didn’t take long before we had a queue 10 people long all […]

Hottest day in Wanaka History

One of the most common things to run through a brides mind is the weather, Please weather gods don’t let it rain, Or if it does rain please clear for my wedding ceremony, Brides start watching the weather forecast a month before there day clutching at straws praying to the weather gods, never would anyone […]

Small Wedding goes off

Being the owner of Wanaka Photobooth sure gets me to plenty of  Wanaka weddings,  Julie and Grahame’s wedding is one that sticks in my mind, With a small wedding of 45 guests all travelling from abroad, Edgewater Wanaka sure did put on a good day Playing lawn games on lush green grass while being surrounded […]

Halloween 2017

Dia De Los Muertos Halloween party at Rhyme and Reason brewery Wanaka. What a hoot being the photo booth host I was there nice and early one by one Wanaka locals slowly creeped through the door, First stop grab a beer second stop face paint, Katie the last minute face painter did a stella job, […]

Farewell Party

What a fun way to fare well your friends, throw a party at Urban Grind and entertain with Wanaka photo booth. Urban Grind is a neat cafe with a private bar up stairs,  I set the booth up during the day and returned at 8.45 pm for a 9 pm start, what at hoot they […]

Central Otago Wedding Fair

Lights camera action!! Doors opened at 11 am the line of guests that stood out side busted through the arch doors that were dressed with white flowers and greenery, It didn’t take long for the laughter to start at my photo booth. There were over 150 pre registered brides attending the fair a lot that […]

The Chefs Table

Simple Rustic and Top Quality are the words to describe The Chefs Table.  I was lucky enough to be invited and provided entertainment at the opening of the Chefs Table pop up kitchen at the gorgeous Rippon Hall in Wanaka, Wow wee newly polished floors, fine art, roaring fire, amazing food and Cheeky Fox Photo Booth, entertaining and creating […]

Surprise Wedding Engagement

The speeches have just finished the call is made for the throwing of the bouquet. All lades to the dance floor, its pretty funny 20 girls pushing themselves to the front of the dance floor giggling and squealing... 3,2,1 says Karen and with that she turns around and walks up to her friend (lets call [...]

Photo Booth Fun at the Wanaka A&P Show

Caution Cheeky Fox Photo Booth Entertainment is addictive!! Isn’t it funny how kids big and small, & adults short and tall can be so shy and sheepish…? I could here the kids at the A & P show in Wanaka last weekend whispering “you go first”, “no, you!”.  What do you do?  Abracadabra its like magic!  Put […]

Photo Strips – Show us yours!

What is it about a small strip of photos that evokes so much emotion in us? Photo booth photo strips; everybody has and treasures them, not just as a keepsake but also as a reminder of a certain occasion, wonderful friends or a special moment in ones life. Photo booths are having resurgence in popularity and it made […]

Photo Booth at your wedding – 3 Reasons

PHOTO BOOTHS and WEDDINGS – I will give you three good reasons. A photo booth may well be the perfect wedding guest. 1. A great occupier of time. While you are away with your wedding party getting the wedding photos done, instead of waiting patiently (and maybe drinking to much wine) your guest can be having their […]

Photo Booths – a brief history

If only photo booths could tell the stories from within their curtained walls. The famous and not so famous faces, the kisses and the costumes. Although the first ever patent for an automated photography machine was file in America in 1888 by William Pope and Edward Poole it was probably never built. The first known really working […]

How many people can fit in a Photo Booth?

We have done it in phone booths, in Minis and in China they do it in trains everyday. The art of cramming as many people as possible into something has fascinated us for centuries. From the smallest of things to the weird and wonderful there is no limited to what people will try to squeeze themselves and […]

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